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  • USA & Canada Food Labeling: 2016 New Regulations (Food Labeling, Small Food Business)
    In 2016, both the USA and Canada published new rules on nutrition facts tables for food products. Changes must be made by manufacturers by 2020-2021. Here is the list of changes in both regulations.
  • Exploring Boreal Ingredients & Nordic Food (Small Food Business)
    In 2018, we got involved in an exciting endeavor and discovery: the exploration of ingredients from the boreal and arctic regions, particularly ingredients from the forest, and of the fine foods products that are made with such ingredients, both in northern Quebec and in Norway.
  • 7 Marketing Lessons from “Cheese Plate” Giveaway (Email Marketing, Social Media)
    This blog is about sharing our marketing lessons with other small food businesses, in a spirit of helping each other. Here are what we learned from our 1st giveaway.
  • Food Photography: 10 Simple Tips for Beginners (Food Photography, Small Food Business, Social Media)
    If you own a small food business, you’re probably overwhelmed and intimidated by the quality of food photography you see on social media, and you’re probably thinking that you just don’t have the time to become an expert photographer. On the other end, you realize how crucial it is to get noticed and have impact with your photography.
  • 17 Tips for a Successful Fancy Food Show (Small Food Business)
    You’ve decided to exhibit at the Fancy Food Show, it is a major expense for your small food business and you want to do everything possible to make it successful. Here are 17 tips we gathered from exhibitors, consultants, the Specialty Food Association, and our own experience in several industries, on how to maximize your presence at the show.
  • Should I Exhibit at the Fancy Food Show? 6 Must-Haves (Small Food Business)
    Like any small food business, I am asking myself the question. The Fancy Food Show is such a HUGE thing that you may be thinking that it is the sure way to be discovered by a large number of retailers and distributors. But when is it the right time?
  • Lessons from “Cheese Plate” Sweepstakes – Week 2 (Social Media)
    After a slow start during last week-end, this week was a week full of surprises with this marketing initiative!
  • Lessons from “Cheese Plate” Sweepstakes – Week 1 (Social Media)
    Last week we talked about our upcoming giveaway tactic for our Cheese Companions. Well, here are the preliminary results.
  • 4 Tactics Now in Place to Grow Our Online Presence (Email Marketing, Food Blogging, Small Food Business, Social Media)
    This week, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds… in developing programs which should help us grow our list of prospect customers. Exciting stuff!
  • Online Success Story: Régine Café (Small Food Business, Social Media)
    9h30 on March 4, 2017 - It’s -10F on this cold Saturday morning (-17F with the windchill factor, but who’s counting!), and there are about 80 people in line – OUTSIDE - in front of Régine Café, a popular place for brunch in Montreal.
  • Food Trends in America (Small Food Business)
    I recently read a fascinating book The Tastemakers: Why We're Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue, a fascinating book about recent food trends.
  • Give, Give, Give and then Ask (Blogging for Business, Ecommerce)
    Everyone knows that people love free stuff and you can get them to give their email (or “like” you on social media) if you give them something for free. The truth is that it is not about free stuff, it is all about customer engagement.
  • Jenna Kutcher’s Podcasts (Blogging for Business)
    “Goal-digging dream-chaser you!” That’s the way Jenna calls her listeners as she invites them to listen to her next podcast. Isn’t it already inspiring and energizing? Yesterday I listened to the Jenna Kutcher’s first 8 podcasts. They were both inspiring and energizing.
  • Julie & Julia – 8 Keys to Julie’s Food Blog Success (Blogging for Business, Food Blogging, Small Food Business)
    Are you blogging for business? If so, did you see the movie "Julie & Julia"? Are you jealous of the success of Julie Powell's blog? Are you trying to find THE idea which will make you famous like her? If so, you're not alone. I am convinced lots of people wish the same. But with millions of bloggers around the world, there are not so many of these stories.
  • Five Key Questions for the Right Website Quote (Website Design)
    Discussing the right questions with your web developer makes the difference between getting a "tight" and cost-effective quote and getting an inflated quote which includes functionality you actually don't need or want, or a quote which doesn't include some of the features you took for granted.
  • 10 Key Questions to Test WordPress Themes (Website Design)
    You have found a lot of free WordPress themes, which look really nice, and are even listed on "best free WordPress themes" lists, but how can you be sure that the theme you have selected is well-designed? Actually a number of these themes have a very, very nice "facade" but have serious problems "behind the scene".