Who We Are – What We Bring

It’s a simple question:

How Can I Help You?


My team of designers and programmers and I build websites and online shops that SELL, so that you can live your dream life as an entrepreneur.

But we are not “just web designers”.

My expertise is unique: I ran my own online shop for Cheese Companions (fine foods products) for 3 years, in addition to serving my clients for more than 15 years.

We also work with restaurants, designing online shops for take-out and delivery services.

Finally, we design bilingual food labels that are compliant with Canadian and U.S. regulations and make recommendations on health claims, ingredients’ compliance, and texts, for our clients.

How Do I Believe In?

I am passionate about marketing. With more than 35 years of experience in online and offline marketing, in large and small organizations, I have seen many trends come and go.

I firmly believe that we must be smarter than just following the latest tricks in the book to get customers.

We must have strong branding and genuinely engage with people. We also need to be smart with our time, be productive, and use all the amazing tools that exist out there for entrepreneurs.

Finally, we must intelligently use the overwhelming amount of marketing data at our disposal. A buzz word these days is data-driven marketing. But it is easy to get lost in data. “Data is only as valuable as the use you make of it,” told me a mentor years ago, and it is so true.

Beyond being data-driven, we must be results-driven.

I want to help entrepreneurs to “play in the big leagues”*.

I want to share what I learned in several of my endeavors as an entrepreneur, the productivity tools I use, some case studies from my clients, and much more.

Playing in the big leagues:That’s a sports analogy, as you all know. I love the French saying, though: “Quand les petits jouent dans la cour des grands.” It refers to a childhood memory of French schools where the kindergarten playgrounds were separate from the older kids’ playgrounds. It could translate as “when the kindergarten kids play in the older kids’ playgrounds,” i.e. when small businesses can compete with the big guys.

(You can read more about my life as a small branding and web agency, specialty food business owner, vacation rental manager, and even a tourist guide in this article on career fulfillment.)

My diverse experience gave me a unique perspective and expertise, and I am not afraid to challenge the “norm” when I believe it to be wrong.

I will, at times, challenge, analyze, disrupt, explore. And I continue to experiment because it is the best way to learn after all.

On a personal note: I have lived in Montreal, Canada, in the USA, and even in China. I now spend most of my time in Montreal and long summers in Brittany, France, where I was born and raised. I love traveling (especially to Nordic countries), hiking, blogging, AND being snowed in… I believe that happiness comes from finding joy in a simple life and caring for the people we love.