How to Set up Food Pick-up Location Based on Products in WooCommerce

Author: Marine Moceri, guest blogger

Image: Citron Pressé website (citronpressé.com)

In this article, we’ll explain which extension to choose to set up various pickup locations based on product categories, how to configure the extension in WP admin, and what it looks like for the consumer in the front end, step by step when he orders.

In June 2021, a client who owns the French pastry shop Citron Pressé contacts me. In her WooCommerce store, she wants to offer her customers the opportunity to pick up their orders from two different locations.

However, what is special about this request is that all product categories (biscuits, wedding cakes, pastries) are available in one of the pickup locations (her home), but in the other location (a shop), only some categories (biscuits) are offered.

Moreover, the two locations do not have the same opening schedule (hours or days).

What is the best extension for such functionality (different pickup locations depending on the product category)?

Here I am looking for THE plugin that will meet this need.

I found two: WooODT Extended ($85/year) & Woocommerce Local Pick Up Plus ($79/year).

I particularly liked the interface of the WooCommerce Local Pick Up Plus plugin. It was intuitive, easy to use, and quick to configure. WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

It was indeed possible to configure several locations, with different hours and different available product categories available.

But the drawback was that the customer has to select a pick-up location and a time slot for EACH of the items he or she orders.

Given the number of items in some orders, it obviously doesn’t create a positive “customer experience”.

So I gave up on this plugin and turned to WooODT Extended.

The plugin offers the option to have different time slots for the various pick-up locations.

But we had to contact the developer to be able to configure different product categories for each of the pick-up locations.

It is rarely possible to get customizations from plugin developers. It should therefore be noted: Two plugin customizations for $110, done in one day. Well done!

The interface is not the most pleasant and intuitive one, but the service is excellent, fast, and efficient.

  1. Setting up the ODT Extended plugin in the back-end

In the next sections, we’ll explain how to configure each of the settings for delivery and pickup (from multiple locations) with the ODT Extended plugin, which was customized by the developer for my needs.

  • The menu

menu ODT extended

  • The general settings
    • Delivery, pickup, or both; opening hours

ODT extended paramètres

    • Minimum waiting time from the time of the order to the delivery or pickup

ODT Extended paramètres

    • Closing days and Holidays

ODT extended horaires

  • Parameters for pickup and delivery per location and product category
    • Pickup locations

You can see in the image below that we can configure opening hours for each of the locations.

You can also select which product categories are available for pickup at each location.

ODT extended horaires et catégories produits

    • Delivery

And below, you can see how to define when deliveries can be scheduled.

ODT extended horaires de livraison

  • Translation

The various directives for the customers can be translated in this section.
ODT Extended traduction

  • Color settings for the pick-up and delivery calendar

Colors can also be picked for the calendar to match the visual identity of the online shop.

ODT extended configuration couleurs calendrier

  • Van management settings

Availability of delivery vans can also be set. The store selected for each delivery will depend on the customer’s address.

ODT extended configuration camionnettes

  1. Order checkout, step-by-step

Lastly, here is the customer interface at the time of purchase.

  • The customer orders a product for pick up and this product is available at the 2 pickup locations.

Order confirmation screen (in French):

ODT extended Écran de validation de commande

  • The customer orders a product for pick up and this product is only available at one of the pickup locations.

Order confirmation screen (in French):

ODT extended point de retrait


  • He then chooses the pickup date and time.

Order confirmation screen (in French):

ODT extended horaire retrait

ODT extended - heure de retrait

And here you go. I was able to configure which product categories are available at the different locations for pick-up or for delivery but also set different opening hours for each.

Feel free to contact Marine Moceri, the author of this article, if you have any questions.

And do not hesitate to contact us at Strateege Creative, if you’d like to work with us to create your online store turn-key, improve it, add functionalities or simply guide you in your project.

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