Exploring Boreal Ingredients & Nordic Food

Nordic food - La Légende

Photo: Appetizers at the Quebec nordic restaurant La Légende

In 2018, we got involved in an exciting endeavor and discovery, under the name of Simply North. We explored ingredients from the boreal and arctic regions, mainly from the forest, and the fine foods products made with them, both in northern Quebec and in Norway.

If my personal life did not allow me to pursue this activity further at this time, I am still quite interested in the topic. Who knows, while sharing my time between Montreal and Brittany, I may find myself involved with local producers of boreal ingredients again at some point.

In the meantime, here is a link to the field food research we conducted in Norway: “Norway Field Research Report on Cuisine and Wild Ingredients.”

Here is what one of our customers, ÉPICEA, had to say about the report:
A must-have that gives a ton of ideas to develop new Nordic products. Simply North’s report allowed us to draw inspiration from Norwegian trends to initiate our thinking about new product creation. The quality of the report is remarkable and goes very well with EPICÉA’s philosophy of the perpetual quest to innovate and distinguish itself. Many thanks, and congratulations to Simply North.”

You can also check some nice photos on our Instagram account at Simply_North_

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