Client: Keto Farms, USA
Year: 2022
Language: English/French
Project Components: Research and design of Canadian-compliant bilingual food packaging

The Mandate:

Development of bilingual food packaging for four “keto-friendly” snacks in two formats, ensuring compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Food Labeling Regulations.

The Project:

Designing a Canadian-compliant bilingual food label has many components. It is much more than simply complying with the design rules (typography, backgrounds, position, size of nutritional facts tables, etc.) imposed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We also need to research ingredients (prohibited additives or ingredients and allergens), mandatory label elements (e.g., storage), reference amounts (serving sizes), claim declaration and create nutritional facts tables based on 100g reports.

We supplied the Canadian standards of identity for the ingredients to the client, and other required information. We finally provided translation and designed the actual labels based on the original US labels.