7 ​“​Délicieux​”​ ​Gifts​ ​for​ ​the​ ​French​ ​Cheese​ ​Lover


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Bonjour, mon ami! Hello, my friend! If you have friends who go crazy for Comté, mad for Mimolette, or nuts for Neufchâtel then you know that they’ll welcome French cheese gifts with open and hungry arms! When it’s time to think beyond the cheese itself and find the right gift to accompany it, there are as many options as there are kinds of cheese.

These 7 gifts for the French cheese lover are the perfect way to share an interest and appreciation for French cheese while still supporting American companies and goods. The best of both worlds!

1. “The Whole Fromage: Adventures in the Delectable World of French Cheese“, a book by Kathe Lison


One American’s journey to discover and devour the very best that French cheesemakers have to offer. We’re all quite jealous of her cheesy adventure! Live vicariously as Kathe travels over 6,800 miles from the volcanic rock of Auvergne to secluded monasteries in the French Alps where cheese-making hasn’t changed in over a decade – from fresh to firm to funky, dive deep into this love story to French cheese. Find it on Amazon: $5.99 (Kindle) or $13.30 (Paperback)

2. Charcuterie Pork-Free Gift Basket – 5.6 lbs (Les Trois Petits Cochons)

on Amazon

This enviable assortment of French charcuterie from NYC-based artisans includes (among many other things) 8oz of their luxurious award-winning Mousse de Canard au Foie Gras. In fact, these Les Trois Petits Cochons (Three Little Pigs) have been winning charcuterie awards for their entire line of goods since 1990. A covetable gift indeed! Find it on Amazon: $149.99 on Prime.

3. Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader (Uncommon Goods)

Wine bottle cheese plate with spreader

These darling platters are a stylish way to serve softer cheeses like a Camembert or Mâconnais. A perfect tie-in to cheeses eternal best friend, wine! Find it at:  Uncommon Goods for $20.38.

4. “Brie Happy” Cheese Silver-Plated Spreader

Happy Brie Cheese Spreader

Special cheese deserves a special cheese spreader. This lovingly hand-stamped cheese spreader is made with silver-plated cutlery. You know you’re getting something unique. Find it on:  Etsy $12.95 (ships from Canada).

5. Homemade Lavender Honey Syrup

When one thinks of the Provence region of France three things come to mind, cheese, wine, and lavender. Actually a member of the mint family, lavender has a distinctive floral aroma and flavor with a slight fresh mint background. Lavender-flavored honey is easy to make, pairs perfectly with fresh, creamy floral or lemony cheeses (particularly goat cheese), and is the perfect, homemade gift for the French cheese lover.

You can try this simple recipe and method from Food 52.

The key to making “flavored” honey is to start with good quality, mild, neutral honey. Clover or alfalfa honey is a perfect base.

NOTE: Don’t confuse flavored honey with monofloral raw honey though (like orange blossom, wild thyme, or chestnut honey). A monofloral or varietal raw honey is simply the work of the bees, when they are in an area where only certain plants are grown, and they pollinate the flowers of those plants. For example, bees are pollinating orange blossom flowers for orange blossom honey. You’ll be able to tell the difference when checking the label. Monofloral or varietal honey will simply be 100% honey. Flavored honey will additionally have the flavor added, e.g lavender buds.

6. Brie Baker and Knife Set (Mud Pie)

The ooey gooey, rich, creamy, unctuous, luxurious (we could go on!) treat of a baked Brie or Camembert is only truly appreciated by a die-hard French cheese lover! This adorable three-piece Brie baker set makes the event even more special. The ceramic baker comes with a tight lid and a cheese spreader stamped with the phrase, “Follow Your Inner Cheese.” We agree! Find it on Amazon: $32.00.

7. Map of French Cheese Board & Cheese Knife

Jean Dubost Map Cheese Board Knife

Every cheese lover needs one (or three or five!) special occasion cheese boards. This definitely fits the bill. From world-renowned French cutlery company Jean Dubost, this beautiful cheese board (11.75″ x 9.75”) shouts a love of French cheese to the world. Find it on Amazon: $49.40 on Prime.

Writing this list has made us hungry! You now have some excellent gift ideas for your French cheese-loving friends and family. Any one of these items would make a wonderful gift (especially paired with some cheese, of course) but they collectively make an even better gift basket. Mix-and-match these gifts to your loved one’s preferences for a gift they will always remember.

Which one is your favorite gift on this list? Let us know in the comment section.

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