Company: Simply North
Year: 2018
Languages: English/French
Project components: Food Research

The goal and purpose:

We conducted this research, in the context of our Simply North activities.

The goal was to discover Norwegian cuisine and how Norwegians use ingredients from the boreal and arctic regions, particularly ingredients from the forest: northern berries (including blueberries), wild mushrooms, herbs and trees (birch, fir, and spruce). We also researched which foods products were manufactured, using such ingredients.

The purpose of the research is to offer a number of ideas for the development of products not yet available in Quebec / Canada or the United States.

The project:

The exploration consisted of a series of interviews of chefs and food manufacturers, as well as store visits (supermarkets, delicatessens, tourist stores, health food stores, and pharmacies) and tastings in restaurants.

It includes products’ photos and descriptions, as well as prices, whenever possible.

The report was written in both English and French and sold to a number of specialty food companies in Quebec and New England.

For more information, read the Norway Research Table of Contents (pdf).

Contact me if you’d like to purchase the report.

Client’s testimonial:

“[Christine]’s report allowed us to draw inspiration from Norwegian trends to initiate our thinking about new product creation. The quality of the report is remarkable and goes very well with Epicéa’s philosophy of the perpetual quest to innovate and distinguish itself.”
Dominic Bouchard, Strategic Advisor, Épicea