Client: Régine Café
Year: 2020
Languages: English/French
Project components: Web design & development, E-commerce online shop

Régine Café and Janine Café are two brunch places in Montréal with a unique concept. These restaurants are like the home of that grand-mother or old aunt who spoils you. The guest gets more than he or she expects: small attentions beyond the ordinary, a special caring touch, oversized portions, and more. You can read more on Régine Café’s branding and marketing in this article: Online Success Story: Régine Café.

The mandate:

When COVID-19 forces the owner to close his two restaurants, he decided, like many other restaurants, to offer food take-out and delivery services. The mandate was to use the website’s functionality and online store for that purpose. It was also an opportunity to revamp the website, as it was already six years old and consequently lacking recent advances in website functionality.

The project:

The new website is extremely user-friendly for the client to do his own texts, photos, and menus changes. Additionally, we developed all the functionality to accept food orders for both takeout and delivery, for two locations (Régine Café and Janine Café) with two different menus, using WooCommerce, the WordPress e-commerce platform.

We also developed functionality to have some “add-on” menu items, which could only be purchased when one of the main items was purchased. And customers were able to select the date and time for the takeout or delivery orders, while we were able to set up a maximum number of orders per time slot, to avoid the kitchens to be overwhelmed. Each of these additional functionalities added complexity to the programming of the online shop. (You can read here a step-by-step guide on how we set up his WooCommerce shop for pickup and delivery.)

Unfortunately, in the end, the client decided to use third-party takeout and delivery services, as they could integrate with their POS system, even though these services are much more expensive. But that online shop can be “turned on” anytime!

Client’s testimonial:

“We have had the pleasure of working with Christine for over six years. Whether for our website or our online store, Christine is attentive and precisely understands our vision. Always able to find the ideal solution, she anticipates our needs and works very efficiently”.
Pierre-Luc Chevalier, Owner, Régine Café & Janine Café