Specialty Food Marketing

How do small businesses market their specialty food? We bring our experience and share marketing insights and tips on the lessons we learned.

Food Labeling: Differences Between U.S. and Canada Labels and Nutrition Tables

Differences US Canada Nutrition Labels

There are differences between the U.S. and Canada food labels. There are important to know if you want to export your food product to Canada or to the USA.

Shipping Perishables & Fresh Food: The Data, Studies, Packaging Suggestions & Costs

shipping perishables

Which temperature does your package reach during shipping? Which packaging should you use to ship temperature-sensitive products, perishables, and fresh food? How will you ensure that your perishables arrive at their destination still fresh and unspoiled? What is the best shipping option for perishables? Who is the best shipper? What are the costs of shipping perishables?

33 Marketing & Sales Lessons Learned From Running My Food Online Shop

running online shop food

Why Have a Food Online Shop? Which E-Commerce Platform Should You Choose? How to Design Your Online Shop? How to Maximize its Performance? How to Select Products and Set Prices? How to Track Sales Performance? How to Get More Traffic and Get More Sales?

Exploring Boreal Ingredients & Nordic Food

Nordic food - La Légende

In 2018, we got involved in an exciting endeavor and discovery: the exploration of ingredients from the boreal and arctic regions, particularly ingredients from the forest, and of the fine foods products that are made with such ingredients, both in northern Quebec and in Norway.

17 Tips for a Successful Fancy Food Show

Fancy Food Show

You’ve decided to exhibit at the Fancy Food Show, it is a major expense for your small food business and you want to do everything possible to make it successful.

Here are 17 tips we gathered from exhibitors, consultants, the Specialty Food Association, and our own experience in several industries, on how to maximize your presence at the show.