Client: Tzuri Gueta
Year: 2021
Language: English
Visit the site:

Project Components: Branding, Responsive web design & development, E-commerce online shop

Note: This website can only be visited if you are an approved wholesaler with an account. Only the home page is visible to all.

The current website for the general public ( was created by another agency in 2016 and we are currently redesigning it.
Once launched, we will add functionality so that the online store can be used by both the general public and wholesalers, i.e. prices, minimal quantities, payments, and shipping conditions can be set differently for the two audiences. The products available for the two audiences may also be different.

The Mandate:

Tzuri Gueta is a famous Parisian designer who creates jewelry, bags, and interior decoration objects using a unique technique of combining silicone and thread, that he invented and patented.

Tzuri Gueta already had a website for the general public and asked us to create an online store for professionals (wholesalers), accessible only to companies that provide information about their companies in order to be approved as wholesalers. The orders must also be validated by Tzuri Gueta before being invoiced offline and fulfilled.

The Project:

The site is therefore mainly an online store, with registration and validation of wholesaler accounts, restricted access to the store, and ordering only available after approval of the account by Tzuri Gueta. Order parameters are customized to allow order validation before approval, as well as offline invoicing and payment.