Year: 2014
Languages: English/French
Project components: Web design & development, copywriting, photography

PENDOPHARM has a broad line of prescription (Rx) medications and over-the-counter (OTC) and behind-the-counter (BTC) consumer products in a wide range of therapeutic classes.

The mandate:

The mandate was to revamp the corporate website we had developed in 2010 and to update its “look and feel” for a more contemporary look.

We also needed to communicate a strong sense of humanity, and portray the team behind the company.

Finally, the new website needed to be easily viewed on all devices.

The project:

High-quality photography was paramount to achieve a sense of humanity and the contemporary look.

Note that in 2016, a new management team hired a new agency and the striking photographs we had taken were replaced.

We made the website user-friendly on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) by using “responsive design”, i.e. a page layout adjusting to the device size. Nowadays such a design is the norm but it was not the case at the time.

We also created a comprehensive catalog of PENDOPHARM’s products, which could be filtered or searched by product name, type of products (prescription or OTC), therapeutic classes, with a particular emphasis on key promoted products.

Post-scriptum: in 2010, we had first developed the new corporate identity for PENDOPHARM, including the current logo. Graphically, the logo icon conveys the company’s dynamism and flexibility, and synergy between PENDOPHARM’s three distinct product portfolios: Rx, OTC, and BTC, while the typography reflects solidity and modernity.

Client’s testimonial:

“Christine’s work has been instrumental in the development of our new image at PENDOPHARM. She clearly understood our strategy and she tailored her services to support us. Her timeliness, flawless execution and her high standards allowed us to develop and unveil our new image with great pride. She is a true partner who takes client satisfaction very seriously.”
Élise Vézina, Vice-President and Division Head, PENDOPHARM