What we Offer

With 30 years of experience in communications and our own food product line,
we have the right tool box to help you market your products!

Label Development & Design

Label design has the role of making your product impactful, and different next to your competition, but it also requires to understand FDA requirements and other regulations, such as GMO laws.
We can help. Check out our work.

Website Design & Ecommerce

Today, it seems hard to conceive a strong brand without a strong web presence. With or without an online store, a performant website will help your product sales and increase your reach. Check out our web design experience.

Market Presence

How to find the most effective and cost-effective way to expand your product presence online and in retail is essential. In-personal selling, distribution, public relations, social media, internet marketing and ecommerce, and much more: the number of possible tactics can be overwhelming.
We have the team to help.

Differentiation & Profitability

The specialty food market is a growing market, but it is also highly competitive, with a very high rate of failure. Understanding the path to profitability and if your products truly differentiate themselves from the competition is crucial.
We’re here to help.

We Market our Own Specialty Food Products.
We can do it for You!

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Who we are

A Virtual Team with a Unique Hands-on Experience

We have 30 years of experience in communications.
We love the web and we love marketing online.
We have learned first-hand what it takes to market specialty food, with our own product line - selling online and from San Francisco to Boston!
We work with a team of graphic designers, web programmers, copy writers and public relations specialists.
See our projects and see what customers think about us.
They talk about us better than we can.
Reach out and tell us about you and your challenges.
We'd love to help!

  • Web Design

    A performant website is beautiful, focused and fast. And let's not forget ecommerce.

  • Web Analytics

    Working smart starts with the understanding of your customers through the collection and analysis of data.

  • Graphic Design

    Labels, brochures, displays, stationery, and more.

  • Strategic Planning

    Doing the right thing is so much more important than doing everything!

Our Team

We are people around the world with a wide range of experiences.
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Christine Sawyer

Born and raised in France, Christine lived for 25 years in Montreal, before moving to Vermont. With more than 30-year experience in marketing and communications, she is a solid strategic thinker, with a passion for creativity, always perfecting her skills in graphic design, web design and photography.
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Peter T.

Web Programmer
Peter is a full-stack web developer focused on building advanced WordPress websites, themes and plugins. He brings with him over 15 years of web and mobile development experience. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Science degree.
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Karine F.

Graphic Designer
Since 1996, Karine has been working as a graphic designer for agencies, and then freelance. She has a Graphic Design Technical Degree. She specializes in pre-press work and excels in typography and packaging design (her passion) including dieline design.
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Public Relations Expert, Labeling Lawyer (FDA Expert), Translators, Web Programmers, Designers, Logistics and Operations.


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