Who We Are

We are helping food startups get established in Canada.

Our main focus is food labeling. But we are also sharing success stories from food startups and some lessons learned. We’ll bring you food labeling regulations and food startups news, as well as share resources that can help you in your small food business.

We have helped US food businesses who wanted to import food products into Canada. We have developed and created bilingual food labels, compliant with Canada’s food labeling regulations.

We have more than 30-year experience in marketing & communications and a passion for creativity.

We have also launched and operated a food startup. In 2015, I launched a line of cheese pairings called Cheese Companions, and developed an expertise in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling fine foods in the US. My company was also registered with the FDA, and I developed the necessary expertise on all FDA labeling and food safety regulations. Cheese Companions were sold throughout New England as well as in San Francisco (direct distribution) and on our online store.

We are particular enthusiastic about unique fine foods products that are developed in Quebec, particularly the ones using wild berries, herbs and trees indigenous to arctic and sub-arctic climates. As part of this exploration, we have conducted a market research project on this type of products in Norway in 2018 (available for sale).

Christine Hélary
Christine Hélary

On a personal note: born and raised in Brittany, France, I have lived in Montreal, in China and in the USA. I now spend most of my time in Montreal. I love traveling (especially to Nordic countries), hiking, blogging AND being snowed in, so that I can enjoy the coziness of a welcoming home without having to go anywhere! I believe that happiness comes from finding joy in a simple life and caring for people you love.

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