Exploring Boreal Ingredients & Nordic Food

In 2018, we got involved in an exciting endeavor and discovery: the exploration of ingredients from the boreal and arctic regions, particularly ingredients from the forest, and of the fine foods products that are made with such ingredients, both in northern Quebec and in Norway.
If our personal life did not allow us to pursue this activity in the past year (June 2018- August 2019), we remain very interested in the topic. And who knows, with our return to Montreal in September, we may find ourselves involved again with local producers in this field.
Here are 3 great outcomes from this exploration:

  • Two “gourmet getaways” foodie tours (these are truly great memories!), for those who love nordic food:
  • And finally our “Norway Field Research Report on Cuisine and Wild Ingredients“. Here is what one of our customers, ÉPICEA had to say about our recent Norway report: “A must-have that gives a ton of ideas to develop new Nordic products. Simply North’s report allowed us to draw inspiration from Norwegian trends to initiate our thinking about new product creation. The quality of the report is remarkable and goes very well with EPICÉA’s philosophy of the perpetual quest to innovate and distinguish itself. Many thanks and congratulations to Simply North.