Lessons from “Cheese Plate” Sweepstakes – Week 2

After a slow start during last week-end (read Lessons from “Lessons from Cheese Plate” Sweepstakes – Week 1“), this week was a week full of surprises with this marketing initiative!

It was nice to see that we got the support from all our partners, who all posted on Facebook and Instagram, as the week progresses (except Vermont Creamery, a key partner, who will post next week). Each time, entries increased by 50 to 100.

Friday 24th: By Friday afternoon, we have around 800 entries. We finally reached out to a couple of cheese bloggers with large followings. One mentioned the giveaway on Twitter. One used hashtag #giveaway and #sweepstakes on Facebook. Oh boy!!

Saturday March 28th: Yep, indeed “oh boy”, this sweepstakes got a life of its own over the week-end! Either people had saved the link during the week and entered during the week-end, or (my guess) the use of giveaway/sweepstakes hashtags by one cheese blogger brought a new audience of people who simply love to enter sweepstakes! We even started seeing pins on Pinterest, where no partner (except us) had posted images.

It is important to note that I truly believe in the power of getting “viral” (see article: “4 Tactics Now in Place to Grow our Online Presence“) and for that reason, participants were getting 1 extra entry to the sweepstakes when following one partner, and 10 extra entries when sharing the giveaway on their social platform.
What we witnessed when entries started increasing exponentially is the power of going viral!

Monday March 27th: By the end of the 2nd week-end, we had reached around 2,100 entries. Definitely better than the 3 entries at the end of the first week-end. See, I knew we had to keep faith!

One Last Thing

It is important to note that we voluntarily did not register the sweepstakes on sweepstakes directories, or use the giveaway/sweepstakes hashtags on social media. We believe that the quality of entries is as important as the number of entries. But we cannot control what others are doing. So only the future will tell if the participants to our giveaway are truly cheese lovers or if they just wanted to win something and will soon “unsubscribe” to emails or “unfollow” on Instagram! But we are hopeful that people who enter a cheese plate contest where they’ll get 8 cheeses, still like nice cheese!

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