Lessons from Social Media Webinars – Week 2

In addition to sharing how we grow our own small food business on line, every week I share what I have learned from other online businesses and bloggers. My goal is to bring you interesting tips to grow your online business, by highlighting key learnings from the webinars I listened to, or the articles I read.

This week, here are the insights from 2 webinars and an article:

Bjork Ostrom (Food Blogger Pro): 5 Things I Regret Doing (or not Doing) when we First Started our Blog

Bjork is leading Food Blogger Pro who helps food bloggers be successful and make money with their blogs. Food Blogger Pro was developed after the success of his wife Linda’s own food blog: Pinch of Yum. http://pinchofyum.com/. In 2015, Pinch of Yum was reporting earning more than $30,000 a month with the blog! You can learn more by reading their monthly “traffic and income reports” http://pinchofyum.com/category/making-money-from-a-food-blog. Start with the oldest one and follow their progress, there is a lot to learn there. Food Blogger Pro offers a series of videos to “Learn How to Start, Grow, & Monetize Your Food Blog”. There is a waiting list, to which I registered and a couple of months later, I got the invitation to this webinar.

Here are the 5 things he recommends doing:
  1. Use WordPress
  2. Develop a product early (ebook, class): ideally a product for people who create content and who can promote your product.
  3. You can’t do it all: outsource.
  4. Choose a niche, you’ll grow faster: Bjork used the nice analogy of riding a motorcycle (small but with quick acceleration) vs. a semi-truck (large but hard to get going).
  5. Make sure you can write consistently for one year on the topic you selected.
  6. Focus on branding and quality of content, rather than the amount of content.
  7. Don’t focus on analytics early: focus on getting engaged readers (and customers). Fewer engaged customers are better than a large unengaged audience.
  8. Build content AND leverage/promote it
  9. Focus on creating content, and let social media spread your content
  10. Focus on one social media and put the other ones on auto-pilot.
  11. Learn something every week – at least 15 min

These are definitely all good advice for growing an online food blog!

For more information, visit https://www.foodbloggerpro.com/ (note that I am not an affiliate)

Ruth Soukup (Elite Blog Academy): A Simple Framework for Success

Ruth offers a $797 online course, for which enrollment is ONLY open once a year (crazy). But you can buy her book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/How-Blog-Profit-Without-Selling-ebook/dp/B00F0XYIMI and she regularly offers free ebooks on Facebook or in her enewsletters. There is no doubt that some of her students have EXTREMELY successful blogs, earnings 6-figure per year, and attribute their success to taking Ruth’s class. http://www.designertrapped.com/ Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body explains how this class contributed to her success in this post: http://www.designertrapped.com/elite-blog-academy-coupon-code/. She is currently making over $80,000 a month with her blog (and spending over $20,000 a month on Facebook ads!). Rosemary from The Busy Budgeter http://www.busybudgeter.com/ is another of Ruth’s success stories.

What I Learned:
  1. The best learning from the webinar is actually hearing about her success stories, as you can visit Rosemary and Tasha’s blogs and read their income reports, and see how they grew their blog income. Why do I say that? Because in fact, Ruth just describes the 4 steps of her program, without giving much insights on how to do it.

Here is her framework for success:

  • Step 1: Refine Your Message
  • Step 2: Grow Your Audience (email list + social media)
  • Step 3: Monetize Your Platform (affiliates, ads, sponsored posts, own product sales)
  • Step 4: Build Your Business: Your blog is not your business, it’s an asset of your business.
  1. Ruth also reminds us that clarity and focus are crucial for success:
    • Make sure that your website visitors understand at a glance what your blog is all about, how it can help them, why they should continue reading.
    • Also make sure that you write with focus: only one idea per post, with an introduction which incites readers to keep reading, a central idea and a strong conclusion.
  2. Focus on the strategies that will generate the maximum revenue per reader. It makes sense, but it is always good to be reminded of the need to FOCUS. As a small business, you cannot spread yourself thin!

For more information, visit (Elite Blog Academy) (note that I am not an affiliate)

Blog Brighter: The Mistake Lifestyle Bloggers Make when Trying to Grow their Blog

I enjoyed this article. Nadine, the owner of Blog Brighter believes (and I agree) that the key mistake new bloggers make is to talk too much about themselves and ramble too much about their own lives. Blogging is not about us, it’s about the reader. So it is important to post about interesting and shareable things, with occasionally a touch of personal things, so that readers feel close to you.

For more information, visit Blog Brighter (note that I am not an affiliate)

In Conclusion

A lot is being written these days on the importance of growing your email list to grow your online business, and the need to PROMOTE your web content. However these 2 webinars and this article are reminding us that it all starts with having a distinctive voice, offering readers something they need, and having strong, focused content.

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