Lessons from Social Media Webinars – Week 1

aEvery week I’d like to share what I learn from other online businesses and bloggers. Right now, there are a booming number of people trying to sell their expertise and their digital products on line, so there is a lot that can be learned.

Here are 3 webinars I listened to this week:

Mike Dillard: How to Build a Large Audience and Email List from Scratch

The guy is definitely impressive. Sounding incredibly solid and professional. He claims to be a multi-millionaire and to have built businesses by having a vast email list.
Email lists are indeed crucial for any online business. People who used to make tons of money using Google searches saw their business crash overtime when Google changed its rules; Same thing happened to people who had lots of success with Facebook, until they changed their rules; Same thing can happen with Instagram or with Pinterest.
With emails, the list belongs to you and we get into the inbox of your followers 100% of the time (if your mail deliverability is good).
Note that he is discussing the monetization aspect (passive income) almost as much as he is discussing email list in this webinar.
In his webinar, he is actually giving you a couple of good tips, but it is mainly selling his $1,497 video program. Note that he believes so much in his program, that he is promising to reimburse people who implement his program from A to Z.

What I Learned:
  1. Strong landing pages are crucial. Indeed I see a lot of marketers these days using LeadPages  and that company provides you with proven templates.
  2. Creating 3 products at different price points and a risk-free component will increase your conversions:
    • A front-end offer: 7-day risk-free trial for $1
    • Continuity offer: $37/month after trial on day 8
    • Back-end offer: $297 for the full year (33% discount). An offer you present when the customer is in the process of signing in.

In terms of human psychology, I believe this approach makes lots of sense! It obviously works well for digital products, classes, subscriptions, rather than physical products.

For more information, visit MikeDillard.com  (note that I am not an affiliate)

Jasmine Star: Unraveling the Instagram Algorithm: 7 Secrets to Engagement + Relevancy

Jasmine is a young Californian girl who has reached a massive following and a great business as a photographer.

What I Learned:

The key thing I learned is the importance of being very strategic with what you post on Instagram and to always make sure it is relevant to your audience. It is not about you: it is about bringing something of value to your followers.

For more information, visit Jasminestar.com (note that I am not an affiliate)

Melyssa Griffin: 3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Dramatically Grow Your Traffic + Audience (No Matter Which Niche You’re In!)

Melyssa has definitely proven the power of Pinterest. Her email list grew to 30,000+ in one year when she started Pinterest, and to more than 70,000 in 16 months, and she grew her income by 700%.

What I Learned:
  1. You must consider Pinterest like a search engine, not social media. You must think keywords, and not think #hashtags. In order for your pins to be found, include keywords in your boards’ names and in every photo description.
  2. Pinterest is not only for food, DIY and women. 33% of the audience is men, and she gives examples of topics with high volume of followers in very niche topics.
  3. Have a business account. With a business account, you can add titles to each photo (in bold, called rich pins) and add a “follow” button for each board. That increases the number of followers.
  4. Have a business description which clearly describes what you do. It should be identical to your website home page.
  5. Have an email opt-in in your website header and home page banner. Having an opt-in in her header doubled her sign-ups. It is better to just have a button that links to a popup sign up form, than to have the sign-up form right in the header or banner.

For more information, visit Melyssagriffin.com (note that I am not an affiliate)

In Conclusion

Even though Instagram seems to be the “hot” social media these days, I am highly interested to understand the business potential that Pinterest can bring. We cannot forget the statistics presented in this article: Should you be marketing with Pinterest or Instagram?“21 percent of Pinterest pins lead to a purchase.”

So I may purchase the video training Melyssa offers. However, I will start by watching the latest videos on marketing on Instagram and Pinterest on Lynda.com. My experience is that they have excellent videos from experts, and you can activate a subscription for one month for $19.99 (first month free). Hard to beat.

I’d also like to explore the service BoardBooster. Usually services who offer services also share a lot of tips.

In the meantime, please share your experience in the comment area below. We believe in the power of community, and learning from each other!

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