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Goal-digging dream-chaser you!” That’s the way Jenna calls her listeners as she invites them to listen to her next podcast. Isn’t it already inspiring and energizing?

Yesterday I was driving around to customers all day and I had the chance to listen to the Jenna Kutcher’s first 8 podcasts. I was delighted. Indeed, it was both inspiring and energizing. Jenna truly wants to share her passion about building an authentic business online and brand. And her guests are pretty remarkable people.

Podcast 1:

No guest for this podcast. But Jenna is truly inspiring when she speaks about the way you can build your business by sharing who you are, in an authentic way and by being a story teller. She is asking listeners to reflect on what makes them different as people. I don’t even give the podcast full justice by saying that. It is way richer than that. But I was driving and could not take notes, so that’s the essence of what resonated with me. You got to listen to it!

Podcast 2:

Conversation with her web designer Jen Olmstead, of Tonic Site Shop. I am sure that Jen Olmstead is not a cheap web designer! But the podcast demonstrates her deep commitment to portray the brand of each of her customers in a true, authentic and unique way. Jen shares how she gets to the heart of her clients brand before she even starts designing. Interesting listen. And for those who cannot afford her custom designs, her company also creates templates. Like for other podcasts, there are some downloable worksheets as part of the podcast notes, to help you work on your website design. We need to check it out!

Podcast 4:

Conversation with Nathalie Franke, co-founder of the Rising Tide Society. Fascinating. Nathalie has built a large community of creative entrepreneurs in less than 2 years. She talks about giving before asking. She talks about “community before competition” (#communitybeforecompetition). She talks about creating connections and relationships because after all, “that’s what life is all about”. A must listen. The Rising Tide Society is also a place where you can find talents for your business (Jenna and her assistant Caitlyn talk about that in the podcast on virtual assistant).

Podcast 7:

Virtual Assistant. Obviously you need to be able to afford the cost of a virtual assistant. But Jenna and Caitlyn are demonstrating that by outsourcing the things you don’t do as well, or the things you are not passionate about, you can actually make more money and grow your business faster. As she says: she has never spent as much money than she did this year, and she has never made as much money as this year.

For the complete list of her podcasts: The goal digger podcast

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