Give, Give, Give and then Ask

Everyone knows that people love free stuff and you can get them to give their email (or “like” you on social media) if you give them something for free. And you’ve all seen the stats about the impact of offering “free shipping” on your online store.

BUT the truth is that – in the long-term – it is not about free stuff, it is all about customer engagement.

In the next month, I’d like you to observe what YOU do on the web, because I strongly believe you can learn a lot from your own behavior. (Grant you, it is not statistical sound, but rather anecdotal, but still…).

NOW, let me share a few stories that demonstrate how essential customer engagement is to the success of your online business:

  • If you have had giveaways where participants need to “like” your Facebook page, you know how many of them will actually “unlike” your page shortly after.
    Why? Because they just wanted the free stuff and were not truly engaged with your brand.
  • In the past couple of years, we’ve seen the booming of popup email list subscriptions on websites, usually offering a coupon on your first order, or other free gifts, in exchange for emails. What do YOU personally do when you get one of those in the first couple of seconds after having landed on a website? Personally, I just close the popup window.
    Why? Because at this moment, I have not decided that I am interested in this company or product and I don’t want another enewsletter hitting my inbox, for a coupon I will probably never use. What is now recommended is to actually program the popup window to appear when people are ready to exit the site. Services like Optinmonster can help with that.
  • Nowadays it is impossible to count how many online marketers want to sell you their ebooks or video classes or membership (hey, I might do that at some point too).

The question is to understand who are you ACTUALLY buying from:

  • Will it be the person who has a 5-minute video that explains how great his class of 15 videos (cost $500) on Facebook ads is?
  • Will it be the person whose webinar you listened to for one hour, where she shared valuable information on passive income, and then ask for you to subscribe to her series of videos?
  • Will it be the person who also has a one-hour webinar on how to grow your blog traffic, with excellent tips, and then weekly emails in which she is sharing really valuable tips?
  • Will it be the person who has monthly podcasts with remarkable speakers and who has not even yet ask for your business?

Let me tell you that these are no fictitious companies, but online marketers I truly interacted with.

Well, I’d definitely love to know who you would buy from (you can leave a comment below).

Here is my own buying experience:

  • I did NOT buy from the person who has a 5-minute video about his Facebook ads class. Facebook advertisement is the area that I want and need to learn more about, but I had no way of knowing how good his class was. I had not experienced any of his knowledge and I had no way of evaluating it. Testimonials were not enough for me, to immediately spend $500.
  • I did buy from the person who had a one-hour webinar on passive income. Why? Because it was a low-risk investment of “$1 to try for one week”. That one-week trial allowed me to experience her program and understand what she could bring me.
  • I am actively following the person who also had a one-hour webinar on how to grow your blog traffic and weekly emails with great tips. One of her emails’ subject line caught my attention, and the content of that email taught me something really valuable, something I did not know before. I went back to all her other emails, and checked her services (Sue Dunlevie from Successful Blogging).
  • I have listened to a number of the podcasts of Jenna Kutcher. I love her passion and enthusiasm, and I would buy her products anytime, unless the price seemed too high.

Did these examples get you thinking and helped you in designing your own online selling approach (or Sales Funnel)?

Leave a comment below and let us know who you buy from or how you design your offers for your own products and services. We’d love to hear from you.

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